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Theme Developer
Mar 9, 2010
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Google Play Link: DOPE BLUE

Here is the 3rd release in the DOPE Theme family. This is a Theme Chooser theme that requires a rooted phone with a supporting custom Rom such as AOKP, BAMF and Euroskank.

This is a ICS BLUE theme with shades of BLACK, GREY and some transparency. You will find a lot of surprises and stuff that no one else is doing including 3D spinning notifications.

"Do me a favor and leave me a comment to let me know what you think or what your favorite part is."

1. Download and Install Theme
2. go to "SETTINGS" \ "THEMES"
3. apply "DOPE", ignore error, "HIT APPLY ANYWAYS"
4. Reboot (this applies the rest of the theme)

If you apply the theme and get a error that says "this theme was improperly compiled", hit "OK" and then apply the stock theme that came with your Rom, Next, reboot, after phone is back up try to apply the new theme again.

Thanks to:

and all my friends on twitter who always support my work.