DF Renaissance: Featuring Melting of the Minds


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Dec 23, 2009
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Late last summer I created a thread looking to inspire a resurgence (a renaissance if you will) of ideas. At the core of DF one of the things that made this forum great was the fact we inspired and hosted some of the greatest minds and ideas for the Droid. At our hay day we had a slew of roms and themes and a rescue squad to lead the charge to help those in need of help when they ran into issues.

Even though roms and themes may have dried up here we are not done looking to inspire. As we continue to evolve outside the realm of just phones into other areas of tech, it is my hope that we as DF continue to inspire more people to continue to develop. Whether you are developing a rom, theme, tech idea, art, music, or a youtube channel, as is being highlighted here, we hope all of you continue to go out there and create. At the core of a renaissance people creating inspire others which inspire change.

So grab your drone, camera, iphone, android, chromebook, macbook, and go out there and create and show us what you are working on. Don't make your focus on the number of views, make your focus on getting your ideas out there and improving on it each time you get a chance to do so.

So If you are an artist using tech and digital means to create and display your art hit us up, a musician, or creator of any kind we look forward to seeing your creation.

Source: Talent Share (The DF Renaissance Thread)


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Apr 1, 2011
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It took me a little while to be comfortable on camera (I'm getting there...lol), but it's a work in progress. Mark and I look forward to growing our Melting of the Minds show, (a man-show for the YouTubes) and we look forward to doing more collaborations with @pc747 and anyone else interested in discussing all things tech, vehicles, survival gear, etc.