Dew Cm Theme Chooser Theme


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Oct 6, 2011
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CyanogenMods new theme chooser is great because it gives you full control of your theme. You no longer have to chose one theme, rather you can download many themes and mix and match components of themes. If you want a wallpaper from one theme, but app icons from another, no worries CM Theme Chooser allows you to have this kind of control over the look of your device. You can finally make your device truly yours.


The latest theme by theme developer "Giulio Fagioli" brings you a simple theme with green and white tones. There are lots of natural elements built right in hence the name "DEW". This is the first phase of the theme but includes theming for dialer, lockscreen, settings, quick settings, whatsapp, Navigation bar, toast, progress bar, google keyboard, aosp keyboard, and much more. You can also expect more to come in updates. If you are using a rom that includes the new theme chooser from cm 11 you will be able to use this theme. Head to the link below for the download.

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