Design Drawings of the OnePlus One Smartphone are Leaked


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Dec 30, 2010
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One of the more interesting smartphones in development right now is the OnePlus One. Hints and teases of the device have left much to the imagination, which has built up a great deal of speculation across the web. Until now, only some of the intriguing features have been shared by the company OnePlus regarding their mythical device. No pics or video have appeared to give us an idea of what the final outer design might look like. That changed this morning when BGR posted an exclusive pic which are supposedly design drawings of the outer shell of the OnePlus One smartphone.

As you can see from the sketch above, the company is working toward a more elegant and subdued aesthetic. We can also infer from notes on the sketch that the device will be made of premium materials including an all Aluminum unibody with some polycarbonate elements. This is suggested by the "AL unibody," “cam deco AL,” and “PC injection molding” notes.

There are a few other things which can be inferred from the drawing. We can see a power key located on one of the sides, similar to the Sony Xperia devices. There are stereo speakers and a headset jack, with the later being on the top and the former on the bottom. We also see that the rear camera will have a dual flash and something called a “TP lens.” Internet speculation suggests that could be a telephoto lens, although that seems highly unlikely on a smartphone. It could perhaps refer to Touch on Lens technology which we see on the phone's screen.

One other tidbit that was not revealed by this drawing but has been hinted at in previous rumors is that this device will include a 5.5-inch display, but it's overall dimensions will still be smaller than the Sony Xperia Z1 (which is a 5-inch display device). That would be some impressive spatial cramming if it turns out to be true.

Overall, it looks like this device is shaping up to be a powerful combatant in the crowded Android arena.

Source: BGR