Deletion of all texts and call log query


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Aug 7, 2010
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Last night I was leaving the house of an aquaintence and I decided to delete an individual text thread. I highlighted the thread and selected delete. Instantly EVERY thread was deleted and my entire call log as well.
Normally I'd care less, these things happen I guess but recently my estranged father died and I am the executor of his estate. I had found and called his sisters and brother and their numbers were among the top... rather than go through the arduous steps of emailing one, getting a number for the other, then getting the number of another (they don't speak) I hope there is some way to gain access to a log file or whatnot...

The phone is rooted, Cyanogen 5.0.7 and stability has never been the ROM's hallmark on my device but alas, I've had too much going on to reimage it. Any advice? This is a matter of some importance so actual advice is welcomed.

I truly appreciate your help.