Deleting Email account?


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Feb 28, 2012
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Alright, I've scoured the internet, and can't find a solution. Help?

My boyfriend logged into his gmail account in the Email app (not the Gmail app..), which I had never before used. So, he's the only account in there. I've tried who knows how many times to delete his account, but I can't figure out how. I see no "accounts" option to long press on, I see no "account settings" to edit anything whatsoever regarding this. I'd really love to be a trusting, not sneaky girlfriend, but his dang emails keep showing up on my phone.

I've already tried clearing all data/emptying the cache - did nothing at all. I'd really rather not factory reset my phone, since everything else on it works just fine. Is there another way around this?
I believe going to menu-settings-accounts and sync will let you remove it.

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Nope. When I do that, his account isn't listed in there.
I am having the exact same problem with my Droid 4! Have you had any luck figuring it out?