[Deal Alert] Amazon Selling Sprint's SGS3 for Just a Penny & GNote2 for Only $140


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Dec 30, 2010
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The image above is from Pocket-Lint

The deal alerts are coming in fast today. This one is from Amazon and is for a couple of Sprint devices. Amazon is selling the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III for just $.01 on a new contract. A Penny seems like a disgustingly good deal if you are ready for a new contract. If you are renewing the deal isn't quite so hot at $119.99.

There's another deal too, Amazon is also selling the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II for just $139.99 on a new contract. Again, this seems like a pretty significant savings on a stellar device.

Incidentally, the Verizon version of the GNote2 is going for only a little bit more on a new contract at $149.99. Here are some links below for you guys to grab one.

Thanks for the tip, grenefroggie!

Amazon - Sprint SGS3 for a Penny
Amazon - Sprint Galaxy Note 2 for $139
Amazon - Verizon Galaxy Note 2 for $149.99
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