Dead spot in touch screen, persists after replacement.


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Apr 22, 2016
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HTC Incredible S
I have an HTC Incredible S that I'd love to keep alive. There's a dead spot in the touch screen - there's no touch response from the bottom of the screen to about 3/4" up, all the way across. along the bottom, so I can't use the space bar or hit the CALL button, really annoying. I've done the Line Draw diagnostic test. I've replaced the screen and digitizer, and the Line Draw reveals the problem hasn't changed.

I've done a complete reset of the phone, so I'm thinking it might not be a software issue, so maybe hardware other than screen/digitizer? Any tips? Thanks!
When you replaced the screen I'm assuming the screen has its own cables attached that were replaced as a part of the repair? If so, then in all likelihood is a failed digitizer controller chip on the motherboard. It's a possibility it could be a crack in the motherboard or a solder connection that has failed either at the connector or under one of the controller chips. The likelihood that two displays both have the exact partial failure is very low.

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I'd be willing to bet that it's probably faulty soldering joint work . the machines they use and the type of solder (lead free) aren't good for fluxing their connection... In most of today's consumer products ID guess faulty connections make up at least 1/2 of most failures ...on everything from game consoles to you name it..sad really..
I agree with both @FoxKat and @94lt1. If you do not have the ability to find the issue at board level, you would need to replace the motherboard which may not be cost effective...