Data Problems


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Mar 12, 2012
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My phone at random points wont connect to verizons 3g or 4g networks. I have signal and just dont understand... any solutions??
A friend of mine has the same issue as well. Phone is in a very good 3g zone and should have no issue. Droid razr they have (I also use a Droid raz)). I've had no problem connecting and staying connected. Hers on the other hand will drop down to 1x or lose data connectivity altogether. I've already suggested going to pick up a new SIM card, but if that does not solve it i'm sulking for an answer. Fdr has already done with same issue reactivation. Any good remedy ideas?
I am having the same issue since I put ics on my phone. I live in a great 3g area but I am alone 1x now and can't get off