Dark spots on OLED display


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Dec 16, 2010
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Just a heads up, if you haven't already when you get one check the screen very closely in a dark room with the notification bar pulled down or other dark background on the lit screen. I had an issue where my screen cracked on day 4 and had to go through insurance. I was waiting and waiting, and then they told me I could go to Verizon buy one at retail price and they would reimburse me the cost minus the deductible so off I went to get a replacement. I got home and night came and I was in my bedroom with the lights off and I noticed on a black or dark background there was a really darker spot in the display on the lower left corner about an inch in, and a few smaller spots spattered across the rest of the display. Extremely annoying to look at and very noticible. But only noticible in the dark once your eyes become adjusted. I went back to Verizon the next day and explained it to them. They looked at me like I was crazy and because you can't see it outside of being in the dark. Another employee got involved and said they heard about that, but haven't seen it yet. They both took it in the bathroom in the store and turned the lights out. A minute later they came out and said they both saw it and they would replace it. The tech swapped it for a new one, to which I went into the bathroom to check right away, and low and behold there was an even bigger spot in the left lower corner and instead of other spots spattered, a dark horizontal line across it from about a third down. They ended up just taking that one as a defective return also and said that they were out of the same batch. Though if it was the whole batch, they continued to sell the rest because they said there is nothing they can do until they are opened and activated! So if you haven't already been playing with your phone in the dark, inspect your screen closely for those dark spots before your 14 days are up! In the meantime, I'm back to plan B waiting for a replacement to ship from Asurion. I hope there isn't any screen spots on that one, as the original one I got that got cracked (very easily), had no dark spots.
It doesn't seem right to spend that kind of money on a phone to have to look at dark spots on the screen all the time.