[ROM] D4 stock De-Odexed JB 98.72.18

thanks fishbear ore info please

I am greatfull that you took time to make a droid 4 rom .I know all developers are busy ,and how time consuming writing source is and applying it correctly .
So thanks and hopefully we can maybe see a droid 4 similar to steel droid 5600oc {A droid 4 overclocked rom at 1.3/1.4ghz with no bloat and detoxed running nova made just for the jb ota update with some extra space so us users can modify the roms to suit us with the apps we like and use the most}

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Great developers and credit due to fishbrear and especially djbliss and rosenburg

I just got a new droid 4 last week and this week I finnaly got it to root after the ota jb update 4.1.2 which is awesome I had to run razor blade and droid 4 utilities /another form of razor blade at the same time to push the root thru it was a challenge but I felt great with the victory lol :icon_ lala:

I was going to ask what does your rom install include and remove from stock , because like the droid 3?

Which I also have and love chevycam94 made sd4800 and 5600oc which are both great and gave me almost 1.5 gigs of extra space and that's exactly what iam looking for .

Well thanks for making a great rom that's de bloated
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Ok got some noob questions. If anyone can answer them I'de be pretty happy.
Ok so I am no noob but am having a hard time finding answers to questions.
I update my stock phone to JB and reinstalled safe strap. Previously I was on the ICS and had CM10 which was Unofficial. Does this mean (unofficial) that it is JB running on the ICS kernel? Are there any other roms for the Official JB? I really like the CM10 drop down but hated the bugs Ie: screen rotation, bluetooth not working, camera issues.
I am gonna try out this ROM from Fishbear and see how I like it. Anyone know how to make a rom and mix the menu from CM10 with the Stock rom from Fishbear? Best of both worlds, no bugs and nice interface! Thanks :)