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Feb 15, 2012
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My D3 camera takes forever to load when I click on icon. Im talking 1 to 3 minutes to load before Im able
to think about taking a picture,then it takes a bit to save and recovery before I can take another picture
takes a fare amount of time as well. Please help / advise as to what might be the problem. Could it possibly a
setting within the camera settings it self?
Have you tried clearing the data and cache for the camera app? Justhit menu>settings>applications>application manager, choose the 'all apps' tab, look for camera click on it and the options should be there. Hope this helps. I just gave up entirely on the native camera app, because it's garbage. You may be better served with a third party camera from the maket...;)
Thanks for the adviceit helped tremendously. Im still going to look at an alternative camera.camera
I finally downloaded camera 360 and it seems to work much better. Thanks again.
Loving this!

So far this has seemed to kill my rack focusing issue with the video camera. no options to change video resolution so I look forward to seeing what the file looks like once on the ole mac. The photos are super fast. I hit shutter, while using a stop watch, when I thought I hit. 1:00:05, it took it at 1:00:17. Not too shabby at all!!!

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