D2G connection issues


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Mar 29, 2011
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Hi all,

I bought my D2G online, and it arrived last week. (i'm in sydney Australia).

Initially when I put my sim in, it wouldnt save an APN, but thru Lock's post in the other thread, I got a microsim and voila, it worked.

However, even though the phone would indicate a 3G or HSDPA connection, it would often "stall"...for a lack of a better expression.

Here's what happens:

1. Connection is initially working, and messages, browser access is all ok.
2. after a indeterminate amount of time (from seconds thru to minutes), the connectivity symbol will show 3G (despite previous good HSDPA), but only show a DOWN arrow, with no UP arrow.
3. At this point in time, everything slows to a CRAWL.... GMAIL would take 5 minutes to send a text email, whatsapp would fail to connect, and my corporate exchange would say CONNECTION error....

4. on a good day, these events will EVENTUALLY (maybe 10 minutes) go thru, but most of the time, the phone will sit there in suspended animation and nothing would happen....

Anyone know whats going on? it isnt the network, as ive tried with my HTC desire Z, htc legend and they both work fine without displaying these symptoms....with the same APN settings

The D2G shows these symptoms on both "GLobal" mode and the "GSM/WCDMA" modes....

thanks in advace for the help guys!