Cybernetic Connection Becomes Reality: NFC Chip Hand Implants


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above image is an example from Dangerous Things and is not an X-Ray of the person named in the story.

It looks like we are having a "bizarre news" Thursday (although this one is a bit off topic). Earlier we had the crazy "bunny smartphone cases story" and in this story we have NFC chip implants being injected into a user's hand. Apparently there is a company called Dangerous Things that sells a bio-compatible NFC chip which comes with an implant kit. The product does not have any type of certification testing for any type of use in the body by the FDA, nor from any other regulatory organization, yet one tech-obsessed individual chose to purchase and use it.

The kit includes a sterile injection syringe loaded with the company’s 13.56MHz NTAG216 RFID chip that is fully NFC compatible and measures 12mm long and 2mm in diameter. It costs $100 USD and is not considered a "do-it-yourself" product. The company actually recommends you go to a tattoo or piercing parlor to have the chip implanted. A man named Robert Nelson is the subject of the story who was brave/crazy enough to try this out. So far, all he can do with the NFC chip is pick up and immediately access his smartphone without using any type of password or other means of entry.

According to the report, Nelson is considering adding the ability to unlock his house, open his garage door, and/or unlock his car. He is also considering adding capacity by getting another chip implanted for his other hand. It almost begs the question, "How far is too far when wanting to stay connected?"

It's easy to speculate that this could pose some sort of security risk for Nelson. While it seems unlikely that anyone would ever try to hack into his hand, it's still possible he could be tracked by this chip. Would something like that worry you?

For those curious to see more pics, here is the source link of this story over at PhoneArena: Taking being connected to the next level Man implants NFC chip into his hand

For those curious about the company, Dangerous Things, here is the company source link: Dangerous Things


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Feb 12, 2012
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Ummmmm how bout NO!
guess I am too conspiracy theorist for this one.....
its bad enough havin a GPS on me 24-7.... but yeah this one goes too far.