CyanogenMod 13 Booting On Exynos Variant Of The Galaxy S7 Edge!


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Oct 6, 2011
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CyanogenMod vowed years ago that they would not support any devices with an Exynos processor. Exynos processors just aren't user friendly. Samsung is slow to release source code for the Exynos lineup of processors. When code is released it is often far from workable. This has driven Cyanogen developers away from Exynos devices. Without CM most other AOSP roms never gain their legs. This means that devices with Exynos processors normally see minimal rom releases mostly focused on modifications to stock touchwiz.

Even though we won't see any official support from Cyanogen the development community at large will continue to do their best to give the people what they want. XDA senior member "skjdgns1189" has been working hard and finally has a booting build of CM13 for the Exynos version of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Other than simply being able to boot the sound works on this early build. There is a proof of concept video, but for now there are no Rom downloads and you won't be able to try this for yourself. Hopefully developers will be able to get this ready for prime time soon.

via XDA