Cyanogen Mod Adds Plug And Play Weather Feature


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Oct 6, 2011
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Starting a few nightlies back users started to notice a new blank weather feature in the settings dashboard. Until now there has been no explanation of what this is. Cyanogen Mod has been using Yahoo Weather and OpenWeatherMap to power weather features in the status bar and the weather widget.

Recently Yahoo changed their API which cause lots of bug complaints. With the new setup Yahoo requires an OAUTH implementation with every query for the current weather status. Each query counts against the quota limit which is currently 100,000. With the broad user base CyanogenMod has the quota is quickly exceeded. OpenWeatherMap offered to allow CM to use a tokenized call for request system, but quickly realized CM exceeded what would be reasonable for a normal developer account. Neither of these ended up being viable options.

Going forward you will be able to download your own weather provider and have it to seamlessly power the Roms weather features. This means your queries will be coming from your own account, and since most users only query the system 12-20 times per day this is a non issue. Head to the link below for more info on this change.

via CyanogenMod