Customize Your Facebook Color Without Root


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Oct 6, 2011
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Facebook has become just as vital as Google. Mark Zuckerberg recently compared it to emergancy services like 911. While I think that is quite the stretch I do know that facebook is a great way to network with potential business partners, and is also the best way to connect with family and old friends. It is also the go to spot for storing photos which has always seemed pretty risky since Facebook could technically go belly up at any time. At any rate facebook is the way that billions of people around the world chose to waste their free time. You would thin that by now facebook would give you the option to change the color themeing of your app, but so far they have stuck to their trademark plain blue.

Developer "Xperiaviet252" has released a handful of custom colored versions of the facebook app. Colors include Gold, Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Seagreen, Pink, Purple, Lollipop Seagreen, Lollipop Pink, Lollipop Green, Lollipop Red, and a few others. If you would rather see your facebook wrapped in something different you will want to check out the modified facebook apps at the source link below.