CTIA Day Two Morning Keynote Part 2: John Riccetiello - CEO of Electronic Arts


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

The second keynote speaker from this morning was a man named John Riccitiello, who is the CEO of Electronic Arts. If you have played any video games over the past few years, you might have heard of them. ;)

At any rate, Mr. Riccitiello had quite a bit to say regarding the state of mobile gaming and shared several interesting statistics of his own. Here they are (take them at face value):
  • EA has beeb the top mobile publisher including the #1 mobile publisher for Android since 2011.
  • People on average spend 46 minutes of everyday playing games on their mobile devices, versus only spending an average of 15 minutes on phone calls talking on those same devices.
  • Supposedly, 67% of all iOS revenue comes from games.
  • By 2014 revenue for games will top 44 Billion dollars.
  • Games are the most preferred content for mobile users.
Mr. Riccitiello further added that consumers prefer quality games and brands they recognize when it comes to gaming. He further elaborated that he doesn't believe that mobile gaming is cannibalizing console gaming and that they both will continue to thrive. Mr. Kovas also shared that games are now beginning to form their own ecosystems, and are encompassing every medium. His final quote is that "games win everytime."

One may wonder where Mr. Kovas gets his statistics, but obviously, this man has a passion for what he does. While we don't necessarily agree with all of his ideas, we have to admit, we love games too!