Create Your Own Flashable Zip Files For Android!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are a crackflasher then you can probably see the value in a toolkit that allows you to package all apps, modules and mods into a single flashable zip. If you had such a tool you would no longer have to spend the hours it takes to setup your Rom after each update or fresh install. The tool "Android Flashable Zip Creator" by developer "Nikhil" is for those who flash lots of roms and need a way to quickly install apps, kernels, and bootanimations. This uses aroma installer so you could actually include every app that you would ever use, then chose the apps that you really need when you flash the zip. You can select to add the aroma installer or leave it out of your flashable zip. This is helpful for those who change kernels and bootanimations often. You could add all of your bootanimations to the zip then simply flash it and chose a different bootanimation whenever you like. So far the supported device list is pretty short. Supported devices include Galaxy R, Galaxy Nexus, LG Optimus 4X HD, and Galaxy Note 2. The developer plans to include more devices soon. You can find more info at the source link below.