Couple of questions since kitkat update


Nov 29, 2009
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A friend has the Moto X and ever since kitkat has had a couple of issues. Nothing major, but I can't figure these out either so I thought I would ask....

1. She has her personal gmail and work gmail set up on it. Work email does not have it set to sync her work contacts , yet they are. If she types in example John, every John from her place of employment is still appearing with their phone numbers. She doesn't want those appearing. She only has her personal gmail set to sync contacts. And no these aren't people that she has in both places.

I've seen this first hand and am wondering if this is normal, or some type of bug. I have no idea where it is pulling these in from . The new People icon gives you no options like the one on even 4.2 does ....I'm puzzled. How are you supposed to manage those now in kitkat?

Also the sms emoticons/ emoji's are all different now. Like they took on the Hangouts look with emoji's even though she doesn't use Hangouts for sms.

It's like those took a step back...look like the early Android icons....

Like I said, neither are major, just kind of annoying. I just finally got 4.2 on my DNA and I have much more control over contacts than it appears she does in kitkat.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.