Corporate Email Push Slow to Notify


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Jan 5, 2010
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New to Droid 2. Coming from Droid 1.

On my original Droid emails from my company's exchange server would arrive at my phone at the same time as in my outlook or faster. Now with the Droid 2 I've noticed sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes. I have the push setting set to on. Does anyone else know of anything else I can do to speed up emails?

I have posted about this also here and on motorola forums. Supposidely, there is an update coming to fix this issue as well as other Exchange issues. No ETA, but other people have written it could be very soon.
I had this problem on my Droid X and read that it might be related to a facebook widget. I removed the FB widget, did a hard reset, and now have no problems with Touchdown and push.

Didn't try native exchange bc I realized I preferred touchdown. This FB fix didn't work for everyone on the moto forum, fyi.
I installed email.apk from a Droid 1 and everything is working as good as it did on my old D1...

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