Cool Off Topic Tech of the Day: Water Bounce Etched Surface


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Your future electronic devices might just repel water so well that it literally bounces off. The technology already exists, as you can see in the video above (and the second video included in the thread below). The technology is called a super-hydrophobic material. Researchers at the University of Rochester created this material by using a special laser-etching method to create an intricate pattern of nano structures on a metal.

The particularly cool thing about this material is that unlike traditional water-resistant chemical coatings, the etching doesn't wear off. This is because the etchings are part of the metal itself. The result creates the spectacular effect of watching water droplets bounce harmless away.

There's no telling when (or if) this concept will ever get beyond the lab, but it is intriguing and could be used in a variety of applications. This ranges from helping keep an airplane's wings from frosting over to keeping a medical surface dry for less bacterial growth. The wonders of creative ideas never cease to amaze!
Here's that second video which goes into more detail on the technology (and talks a little bit about the reverse technology):

That's really interesting.. I wonder how expensive the process is... And how this will be used in time..
Laser cats are awesome!

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