Continuous Low Beep / Audio Speaker plays low


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Dec 5, 2009
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I have a Droid and on three occasions the phone started to intermittently beep really low and continuously. In addition to that the speaker no longer plays music at a loud volume, however, if a call comes in and i put it on speaker the sound is normal. This is a very strange set of occurrences. The first two times i just reset the phone, however on the third time I decided to find out what possibly causing the problem.

I installed Advanced task manager so that i could see the processes that were running and i systematically started to end them. When i ended one of the two dialer processes, they both ended and the beeping sound stopped. This unfortunately did not solve the music playing really low (issue).

In addition if i plug in the headphones the sound is normal once again.

Has anyone experience anything like this? I tried recording with the sound with another droid phone using the video recorder but i think the beep was too low .. (and i promise its not a ringing in my ears) ... I will try to post the video soon.



Motorola DRoid with virtually no additional apps.
Using Base Music Player, and Base Dialer.
Low volume

I had a similar problem related to downloading Ringer toggle widget.

The sound is coming from the earphone jack only. I would look at any app

that you downloaded recently that might affect sound and consider

uninstalling it. Then backup settings and reboot the phone.