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Apr 7, 2015
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samsung galaxy note 4
I bought a samsung galaxy NOTE 4. Awesome phone!
But there is a problem:
All my Contacts are saved with the international dialling code format (+44 123 etc).
When i receive calls in my local area, which come without the international dialling prefix, only the number shows, no contact name though i have saved the CONTACT
and also all international calls are okay, as these come with the international dialling code and phone recognises the number and Contact.
Currently, the only workaround, which I find unacceptable, is to save the Contact name and number twice, once with the international dialling code, and another as it would be received as a local number.
This is unacceptable, as it would mean doing this for every single number I have otherwise when i travel the overseas numbers (now local) would not show a Contact and I have 7,500 Contacts, never been a problem when I was using the NOTE 3.

I understand from a couple of others using the same phone they are experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know how to resolve this?