Contacts, Group Text, Handcent


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Jun 14, 2010
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I have two sets of contacts, Google and Phone, is this needed?
They are linked but ppl call me who are in google contacts but the name does not show on my screen when they call.

I have 40 ppl I need to to send out as group text on handcent only gets thru halfway then quits. HUH?

is there a limit some where on the amount of texts allowed to be stored? several times now I have been in the middle of texting and suddenly it appears that the app resets itself and then, well no texts at all. just blank.
Chomp did the same thing.

Is there any way to get a time of delivery once the recipient gets the text?

I have been trying to figure this out and it has been driving me nuts :icon_eek:

Thanks for any constructive assistance