Connecting Droid to Computer


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Nov 14, 2009
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I've looked over many forums, took out my SD card, restarted, mounted the device, everything I can do so far and my computer still recognizes it but doesn't allow me to open it. Just keeps saying please enter a disk into the drive......any suggestions?
You have to unmount the device after you connect it to the pc.
It specifically says when you mount can copy files between your computer and your phone's SD card.....
Don't forget that after you plug it into your PC, then unmount the card, press and hold the notification area at the top of your screen. Select the USB notification, and that's when it'll let you mount the SD card so you can transfer files to it.
Think of it this way; Your MicroSD card has to be mounted to be used. By default it is mounted in the Droid. If you want to use it from your computer you have to unmount it from the droid and mount it to your computer. When you are done it will need to be remounted to the Droid. The good news is when you mount it to your computer from the notification screen, it automatically unmounts from the droid. When you disconnect it from your computer it will automatically remount to the droid.
try Mobisynapse:


1. Download Mobisynapse for free, install it on your PC.
2. On your Droid phone, click "Settings"--->"Applications"----"Development", check the checkbox of "USB Debugging"
3. Connect your Droid with PC through usb
4. Mobisynapse software should recognize your Droid, click on "Files" to transfer files between your PC and Droid phone