Compass/Orientation problem


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Jan 20, 2011
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I was riding my bike with my Droid X in a GPS mount. On this particular ride I forgot to secure the phone into the holder and it fell off my bike around 30km/h. I find the phone on the pavement (in the neoprene sleeve) and surprisingly, the only physical damage was a tiny gash on the corner but the phone works perfectly except when I restarted MyTracks and other map apps, one or both of these things happens:

- The orientation arrow is pointing 90* in the wrong direction; on the map it looks like I'm driving sideways down the road, although once in a while if I'm holding the phone in portrait orientation it shows correct direction then flips 90*/sideways. Landscape orientation always shows me driving sideways on the road.
- I'm tracked on the map (sometimes) as driving next to/parallel to the road on which I'm riding but that might be a map error.

I've tried the Compass calibration tool (Android) as well as the calibration option in my Compass app but to no avail. Is there something else I can do or try, or did I something break inside and now have a wonky map orientation?

Thanks for your help.