Coming from a Rooted/Rommed D1, I don't get why everyone prefers Sense UI


Nov 22, 2009
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I just don't get it.

My D1's desktop has: Pete Alfonso's custom 5 buttons icons at the bottom (gchat, phone, apps, browser and gmail) and 10 icons in the shape of a U with apps and widgets (overclocking widget, Yelp, Yourmuze app, Clock, WiFi widget contacts, Market, Handcent, Navigation and Music). The notifications bar has the oovoo videochat and temperature notification on the top left.

That's it. I dislike swiping screens, it takes time. I dislike having to think and browse through 7 of them to seek an app or a widget, it is a waste of time.

In light of these personal preferences, and assuming two identically spec'd handsets, what more would I earn from HTC over a Motorola? I saw several youtube videos of the Tbolt and I'm not that impressed from the UI (the phone looks good). What am I missing?