Collection Of 70 QHD 1440P Wallpapers!


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Oct 6, 2011
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You know what makes an Android Fanboy so ornery? He's got all them pixels, but uses a low res wallpaper! There was a time when I changed my wallpaper about once a day. These days I just find a really good one and stick with it. You can scour the web for the perfect smartphone wallpaper, but chances are you'll end up with one that is 1080p at best. What is the point of having such a crisp display if you aren't gonna push it for all its worth?

The guys over at Androidguys have put together a collection of over 69 QHD wallpapers! Well 70 QHD wallpapers to be exact. Out of the 70 wallpapers there is something for everyone! There are lots of nature shots, some abstract art wallpapers, there is even one pretty cool Darth Vader wall thrown in for good measure. To grab yourself a super high res wallpaper just follow the link below on your device. scroll through the walls, find one you like, press the imgae once, then long press it to bring up the download option, download the wall, open it in your gallery and set it as your wallpaper.

via AndroidGuys