Closing thoughts on T-mobile event

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Dec 23, 2009
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The T-mobile live event just ended as we had live coverage here (

The event started with the CEO taking crack shots at Att who a year ago was to buy them. But the other reason is obvious in that the share similar technology so it is more easier for a person with an AT&T device to consider switching then some one who is with Vzw or Sprint as they would have to buy a new phone. The uncarrier plan has made a mark as they are seeing people jump ship to them with the biggest being from Sprint.


116 LTE Markets was officially turned on as they are in big metro areas like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more.

Will be the exclusive launch partner for the Sony Xperia Z (water proof device).

JUMP was announced where a customer pays an extra $10 a month and after 6 months will be able to trade their device in for another. If the device is clean (no cracks, no water damage, and boots up) they will be able to get the new device at the new customer price but if it is damaged then they will have to pay the deductible which can range from $20-$170.

T-mobile is making so waves in the industry offering plans and options that are hassle free and customer friendly. WHo do not listen to all that they offer and think "man I am ready to jump ship". The CEO in the beginning said the main reason people have not switched was because they are stuck in a contract but toward the end some one asked the question that is on a lot of our minds and that is the fast LTE in one area and edge less than a block over. That is the achilles heel for T-mobile right now and they know it as they tried to spin it and talk about the drop off speed with sprint from LTE. But the big reason people are reluctant to switch from At&T or Verizon is that. We buy these super high speed devices because we want speed and nothing frustrates me more than watching a movie and seeing buffering because I lost 4g (which with AT&T I rarely have ...only place I have the issue is at this movie theater in town every where else is strong lte). I see T-mobile getting a large base of their customers from sprint or those who were already a part of Metro. As far as the people leaving At&T or Verizon will depend on the coverage strength. Where Vzw has a leg up on ATT is they use a different technology where ATT customers can grab a T-mobile sim card and "test" the waters before making the jump.

Interested to hear your thoughts on the T-Mobile press conference.
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