Clock with Next Alarm Option and Lockscreen Apps


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Nov 20, 2010
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I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Jellybean 4.1.x going from a Motorola Droid 2 with Gingerbread on it. Previously I had a Digital Clock Widget that allowed me to display next alarm and open any app that I want so I have it open up my alarm clock app. Then the stock lockscreen clock also displayed the next alarm on it.

I am looking for the same functionality, but can't get it to work on the Samsung Galaxy 3. The Digital Clock Widget doesn't work correctly on the SG3 it sometime displays the next alarm and sometimes does and the stock lockscreen clock does not display the next alarm on it unless you have a passcode on the lock screen which I just use Swipe.

The only way the I see to do this is get a app that displays the clock and next alarm as a widget and then get a app that allows me to customize the lockscreen and use the same clock widget that I find on a lockscreen that allows me to customize it. Any recommendations for a clock widget that will allow me to show the next alarm and open any app that I want and what is a good lockscreen app? Or any other suggestions on ways I can accomplish the functionality I am looking for.