Chinese Company Demos $79 Laptops Running Remix OS


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Oct 6, 2011
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A few months back a new Android fork for tablets and PC's called Remix OS was released. The new OS brings true window UI to Android devices giving you that full out PC experience on your tablet. A Chinese company "Allwinner Technology" has decided to take full advantage of the new OS.

They have built some super cheap laptops that feature Remix. The 11" version will sell for only $79 when ordered in bulk and includes an 11.6" 1366x768 display, 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with 1GB of Ram, and 8GB of internal storage. There are options for more RAM and storage, and for an extra $20 you can go with the 14.1" version. This may well be the perfect solution for outfitting entire schools with laptops on the cheap. Hopefully we will see a consumer version of the laptop as well.

via TheVerge
As a backer of the Remix Ultra Tablet on Kickstarter, I'm very pleased to see the company (Jide is the developer of the software) making headway here. I tried to back a similar project that was like a mini PC and used your phone as the backbone, requiring an external mouse, keyboard, and screen, but it didn't reach full funding.

The Remix OS is great for things that don't specifically require a Mac or PC. I'm seriously considering tossing it on the PC I just recently replaced. I like using it on the Ultra Tablet, though there are reports that the battery life has suffered quite a bit on the 2.0 version. I only use mine in fairly small sessions at a time for the most part, so I haven't really noticed that.

The more this software is used, the more it'll be supported and improved upon, so each story like this is great news to me.
When will these be available to the public? :cool: