Check Your Google Rewards In the Play Store App


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Oct 6, 2011
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Google offers freebies and rewards from time to time. In fact I have watched at least 4 movies on Google's dime over the past few years. Free movies is not all that Google has to offer either. You can get free music and books among other things. Google now shows rewards available to you in the Play Store app. To access your current rewards open the app, swipe to the right, choose "my account", select rewards. Currently I have NO rewards listed. I know that I have at least one free movie if I were to access this from my chromecast. What are you guys seeing? Anybody have any freebies in there.
Nothing here. I see the articles when they offer a free movie/etc. & I cash them in. Rentals for owning the Chromecast, but once in a while, they give you movies to own. I've got a few of those.

It's small, but it's nice that they give back once in a while.

I spend my Rewards when I have enough for an IAP in a game or an to buy an app I otherwise wouldn't spend the money on.
Booo. Zero rewards

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