Changing font on Droid X?

Jan 21, 2010
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Is it possible to to do this yet? I know you can through metamorph so all that I should need is a rooted droid x right?
bricking the X is A LOT easier than the droid. i think i read somewhere that you should NOT use MM on the DX unless ur dying to have that 4.3" paperweight
You dont need to use MM to change fonts. Its actually pretty easy.

Go over to and look for T2noobs root script. Its pretty simple.
It's fine my font is changed

Just get root explorer and copy the fonts Droidsans.ttf Droidsans-bold.ttf from system/fonts

Put those fonts in a folder on your sdcard called original fonts

Then put whatever font you want in it's place at system/fonts/

Just rename the font you want Droidsans-Bold and Droidsans

If any problems go into root explorer and check the permissions of your recently installed font make sure all the read and write boxes are checked
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