CES Video Interview with Samsung Exec Hints at Samsung Galaxy S IV


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Dec 30, 2010
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A clever and tricky interviewer from the guys at Android Authority was able to wrangle some tiny, yet intriguing tidbits from Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing at Samsung Telecommunications America during CES today. While you can hardly call the round-about sidestepping action a definitive confirmation of anything, it was still interesting to watch him say Galaxy S IV on camera. This is hardly an admission that the next big Samsung product will be called that, but of course, it would certainly be more surprising if it were not called the SGS4. Also, the interviewer made it quite clear that he believes the SGS4 will come with a more advanced display than we have seen previously from Samsung, but Mr. Bidan would neither confirm nor deny his statement.

At any rate, while no real conclusive intel could be gleaned by this "dance of words," it was still entertaining to watch, so we thought it worth sharing with you guys. Enjoy!

Source: AndroidAuthority