Case Review: Kubalt Double Layer Case


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Jul 6, 2015
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Nexus 4
(I received this case for review)

The MELKCO Kubalt case offers tough protection without turning my Samsung Galaxy S6 into some bulky rubber-lined box that barely fits into my pocket. Besides being low-profile, it also looks cool with its two-color contrast.

I was basically looking for an S6 jacket that delivers straight-up protection, and the Kubalt fits that bill. It uses two layers of silicone: the one underneath is soft and left exposed along the front edge and bottom of the case and the one on top is hard and covers the back of the phone. The design kind of reminds me of a ski helmet, which uses a hard layer to absorb first contact and a soft layer underneath to cushion the head against force transferring through the helmet. The principle seems the same with this case.

I also like how this S6 case has a raised front edge. If I drop my phone face first, the edge should absorb the impact and keep the screen from cracking.

The Kubalt is easy to install. The silicone has some give to it, so I can just bend the case a bit and slip it on and off my S6. The Kubalt also doesn't block any of the buttons or components on my phone. A cutout on the back exposes the camera and ones along the edge of the case keep the speakers, charging port, and headphone jack unobstructed. Each cutout in the case is also perfectly sized for the corresponding component, so it's clear this jacket is designed specifically for the S6. The silicone covering the power button on the right side is raised and soft, so I can still turn the phone on and off without any problems.

This S6 silicone case has a no-slip grip, so it feels steady in my hand. It's also lightweight and low profile. That's pretty amazing considering that the case uses two layers of silicone, but it hardly adds any bulk or weight to my phone. For the kind of protection the Kubalt provides, you'd expect it to barely fit in your pocket.

Protection is definitely the priority with a case like this, but the color contrast also adds some style. There are a few different combinations to choose from, like black/white, blue/black, black/red, etc. You can go with mono-color instead if you prefer. The case also displays a cool little logo on the back.

All in all, the Kubalt offers plenty of protection in a low-profile stylish design.