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Feb 23, 2012
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This issue with my MAXX has been driving me nuts but I think I finally realized what the problem is today so now I just need to figure out how to fix it... Every once and a while I get an email from someone that I can't view the body / text of the message using the Gmail email app, the latest Droid Forums Newsletter in the pix below is a perfect example....

If I switch to a web type email interface I can view the text fine but as you can see in the picture below, using the Gmail app the message appears to be blank. At first I thought it must be somehow because I'm trying to view black text on a black background but now I just figured out what's really causing the problem. As I'm typing this I just looked at the same newsletter email on my PC (via Outlook) and I see the original message displays on my PC as black text on a grey background so somehow this email client can't resolve it properly.

I checked all of the configuration settings but can't find any options related to this. I seem to recall during my initial setup that I was able to chose to view email as back text on a white background vs white on black. I don't see that option anywhere in the Gmail client or the system configuration settings but don't even know if that will fix it.

All of my emails display as black text on a white background which is what I prefer. Is there a configuration setting I can change or Is there a better email client I should use?

Gmail Email v 4.0.1
Android v 4.0.4

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I too sometimes have this problem, but thought it was possibly the size of the email and the fact that it has graphics and/or html settings. Just my guess. When viewing on a computer, I have no problem seeing the email.
Thank you chhare, we might be getting somewhere. I just went back to the original message and tried to forward it to myself and when I do I get a quick popup that says "couldn't load message text, the message might be too large to view"

It looks like a fairly basic message, is it possible that the Droid forum is sending out their monthly news letter in a format that nobody can read from their Droid?:p

Can someone please go back to that news letter message from 11/5 and see if you can view it.
Here's what a normal message should look like.

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