Cant update to 4.4 4 after unroot sm-n900a


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Jan 11, 2015
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so I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 off of ebay and in the description it did not mention anywhere that the phone was rooted and I did not want its rooted. so when I received the phone I took it to a store In town and had it reflashed to stock firmware 4.4.2 and I am NOT able to update to Android 4.4.4...

I had a Samsung galaxy s4 AT&T unlocked to straight talk and I couldn't get the update because I wasn't using AT&T.. so I put an AT&T SIM card in and it updated to 4.4.4.. but my note 3 will not.. Please help. Thanks in advance!
Moving this to the Note 3 forum for better chance of a solution.

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Hey members, can anyone lend a hand with this?

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How do I do that? I have Kies but do I have to manually flash it or do I just connect it and download it?
Thanks, I was looking for the note 3 forum but I was unable to find it.
Yeah, instead of it being a top tier forum like Note 4 & 5, it's a sub-forum of Samsung.

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Open the kies software, towards the top of the window it will show your version, and the most current version. Click to update there
The Device needs to be connected
Thank you I will definitely try this when I get around a computer.. last time I tried tho it told me that there were missing files (the files that actually make Kies search for the software update) not sure how to fix it. I've tried un installing and re installing it but I had no luck.
I have hangouts, or you can follow me on here and send me a message on here! ;)
Also, you will have to have Kies 3 fir that device and version! If you already have 2 installed, just download and install 3