Cant Unlock!!!


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Feb 27, 2010
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Hey All,
I got a motorola droid today from verizon, and while experementing with it i put in one of those pattern locks. It worked for a while but when i tried to unlock it, it wouldnt take it. I may have forgotten the pattern, but it wont let me unlock it with the email password. HELP PLEASE!!!

Bad News

All not that bad, since you just purchased it. However it is a known bug and the only way around it is to do a hard reset and re-activate the phone. I forget the hard reset procedure but if you search the forums or just Google it you'll find it.
Another Prob

Well, i performed the hard reset, and i now need to activate my phone. Problem is, when i try to activate it, in the 1st step where it calls an activation #, it says "the # is not accessable in your area." How do i activate my phone?
Your welcome


We learn by doing. I set a pattern and later gave it to my son to guess the pattern.
The great part is that your app data and contacts are backed up in the cloud, when you reset the phone and enter your gmail account info it'll re-sync. Peace

If you remember the pattern then you can change it the same way you set it.
We had to call Verizon again .. now it will not even activate. this is SP's MOM (I'm bummed) he worked hard to earn this phone. But he's bummed! Will the cloud come back immediately?

Re-activating the phone sometimes takes a few tries and up to 15 or so minutes before it is actually activated (call's in/outbound). No worries it'll work just fine.
I've done hard resets and I can assure you the cloud will put back contacts and apps :)