Cant sbf back to D2G from D2 (2.3.20)


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Sep 15, 2011
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So. R2D2 D2G is what I have.
I had my phone rooted, but i don't know how it was done, I have since un/rerooted with z4root. I tried to install a couple roms (liberty for one) and had flashed the sbf for D2 (2.3.20) and I am having a lot of issues trying to flash the sbf back to the D2G 2.4.29 or 2.4.33. I usually get the exception in RSD lite failed to flash. I have tried varied sbf sources and no differences. Running RSD 4.9 along with the drivers. When I power up in bootloader it says bootloader 2.37, where most forums I have seen say bootloader 0.11 i think? anybody have any ideas? I seem to have just updated from 2.3.20 to 4.5.601 which i was unable to do before (but i think it is still recognized as a D2 not D2G, definitely not R2D2).
At least I'm finally on GB :|
But then, it doesn't seem that I can even use the market.
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First off there is no r2d2 d2g. The r2d2 is a variation of the d2. I don't own a r2d2 but my understanding is that their is some diferences between that and the d2. You would be better served to google "sbf for the r2d2" or looking through that thread for your answers.
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I am pretty certain that owning the R2D2 qualifies me a bit more about what model it is. And it is the D2G. Says it in the manual and everything. Also, there is no R2D2 SBF file, I've done a bunch of research on that already.
Your response has been unwelcome.
Many thanks 2mnydgs. Last time i checked that thread it didn't have that. Gonna test this out in a little bit.

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I own a global version of the D2.. so i can say i quite qualify for knowing more about it than you, and can safely say there Is No GLOBAL version of the R2D2

You can ask motorola yourself.

so maybe you have a r2d2 looking global phone but it will not be an actual r2d2.
maybe your possibly mistaken, it happens, and its not a global. but it IS a droid 2 - r2d2 edition.
and KNOWIN that about your phone will help when trying to locate the proper file to flash.

as unwelcome as you think his post was? Your reply was snarky. People here only seem to ever want to help, talking back to them like that isnt going to get you far.

:) Now try and enjoy the rest of your day!
I only responded with the same attitude he was giving me. I bought it, read through the manual, and it was repeatedly referred to as the droid 2 international. Now if international means something other than global, my mistake. But he was not being helpful. He was criticizing.
All of the threads i read and workarounds I attempted a few weeks prior constantly referred to it as a D2G. And flashing it down to a D2 model. I meant no overt offense, it just came off as rather unhelpful.
I also own a D2G. If my answer came off as offensive, oh well.
Look in your settings if it says droid2.we. (world edition) than its a global. If not than its a d2. Read your manual again. I re-read my post and did not see the same attitude you did. I was simply trying to steer you in the right direction.

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