can't get droid to vibrate on texts and e-mails...


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Aug 18, 2011
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I just got a droid and I've been looking through the settings and e-mail settings and I can't find a way to make it vibrate on texts and e-mails. Right now I have vibrate turned on and when an e-mail comes in I get the vibrate AND the notification ringtone. How can I just get it to give me the ringtone on a call but vibrate on e-mails and texts? Or at the very least, vibrate only on e-mails... I get a lot of e-mail so having it play something each time is not good.
I have a setting in gmail (assuming that is the email you are using) that has Vibrate w/ 3 options, Never, Only When Silent, All GMail Notifications. You could set the ringtone as silent but set the vibrate to All gmail notifications.

There are similar options in the email app.

These settings are in the app itself not from the settings menu, hope it helps
Thanks. I think I missed the setting when I was looking before. It's on my Exchange account but if I go to the mail app and then e-mail settings, I turned the notifications on with vibrate checked and then selected the 'Silent' ringtone. I think that will work. :)