Can't Edit Folder Name in ADW.Launcher


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Feb 4, 2011
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I am using ADW.Launcher on my new Droid X and could ask this question a couple of ways:

1) Why can't I edit a folder name?


2) How can I make a folder for all my "News" shortcuts/icons and another for my "Weather" shortcuts and one for "Utilities"...and so on.?

I re-watched the sales video on YouTube [ADWLauncher EX [video=youtube;KD5WD-HDagM][/video] ] and at 1:50 they demonstrate a long press that takes one to the edit icon. On mine, there is no edit icon, only a remove trash can.

The video is showing the EX/paid version which does do a couple of things the free version does not (like a 3-D app drawer). This edit feature couldn't possibly be missing in the free version, could it? (I suppose anything is possible).

I have adw ex and I've never used the free version of adw before so I don't know if that feature is missing but the app Folder Organizer or Apps organizer will do what you want. I use Apps organizer and it works good.

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thank you. looks like I will check that out as well as androexplorer and folderorganizer, (apps) too!
Well, you can use LongPathTool as well, it works.