Cannot get GMail to sync the Drafts Folder correctly...


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Dec 4, 2009
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Up until yesterday the GMail Drafts folder on my Droid (D1 with V2.2) was synced perfectly with GMail on my desktop. Then yesterday, I started an email on my desktop and then later in the day went to edit it on the Droid and it was not there. I could go to GMail via the Droid web browser and see and edit it but not from the GMail app on the Droid. Even many hours later it still did not show up. I tried to just clear the GMail cache, no help. Then I tried clearing the GMail App data on the Droid so it had to sync everything again. Inbox and other folders synced correctly but Drafts had no entries - even though on the Labels screen is says Drafts should have 16 messages there are none there. If I create an email on the Droid and save it as a draft it will show up in the Droid draft folder. If I do a search that finds some of the missing draft messages they show up in the search results, but if I select the draft to read it, the screen says loading for a few seconds and then goes back to the search results - it will NOT load any of the previous draft messages! Help!