Cannot delete browser history--Reverse button always goes back to previous webpages

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Jun 7, 2011
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I have tried everything suggested on forums, without success. I cannot get rid of the history on my motorola DROID phone. I have gone to Settings and cleared the cache, history, passwords. I have gone to my homepage, selected bookmark, then settings and delete history. I downloaded a browser eraser and erased all history. Still, when I hit the "go back" arrow, all past webpages appear. Is there no way to completely erase the history on this device? thanks
The only way I cleared the Back Button History was to remove the battery :D. This may not be the best way; but it appears to be the ONLY way.
I had the same problem with my ADR 6350(Droid Incredible 2), Android version 2.3.3 Software number 3.02.605.1. I delete search settings at Google. (My default search engine). Under the browser\menu\more\settings I cleared the cookies, cache, history, form data and tried unchecking every feature there. Every time I went to the browser the Back Button history was still there. I down loaded History Eraser by DUMAPIC and that did delete Back Button History.
I use Dolphin HD browser. I hit Menu > More >Settings > Data Storage settings and check the "browsing without history" option. That way I have no history at all ever, in case someone were to pick up my phone and go snooping around.
You need to delete history, then close the Browser completely.

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try going home first and then deleting the history
how to delete browser history on droids

Simply power Droid off and back on and browser history is gone!
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Same on my thunderbolt . What I do is just open a new page to home and just close the one you just used :)

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To delete "browser" history on Droid simply power your phone off and back on. No other settings will clear it. Again this is for clearing history on browser. For google search history you will need to go to menu then search settings then clear shortcuts.
Prior to deleting the history from within the settings, close all open internet windows. This will automatically re-open your designated (web) home page. Now proceed with the deletion of the web history. Once completed, hitting your back bar should close the web and take you to your home screen.

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