Cannot connect to PC via USB. NOT PC or driver issue or cable.


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May 24, 2011
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I have a Droid X. Have used it for months connected to PC to move files via USB connection to the stock 16gb microSD card. Last week, taking a photo and message pops "Cannot find memory card". Sure enough, the card just stopped working and I lost all my stuff. (Card reader tried, ect.)

Buy a new Sandisk card, all good. EXCEPT I cannot connect to a PC via USB cable. Tried it on no less that 4 different PCs. I have access to 3 other Droid X phones with co-workers and all connect fine to the PCs used with the same cables so it is a issue with this specific phone.

USB debugging off and on. Reboot, connected and unconnected. All tried.

I HATE having to pull the battery to get the card out to move files via card reader when I should just have to plug the phone in. (It will not charge via PC connection either).