Candy Jewel Clash 2 : Bubble Puzzle Blast - the sweets candy shooting game on Android


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Nov 26, 2013
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Hi everyone. We're releasing a new match 3 game next week on Google Play and the Amazon app store called CANDY JEWEL CLASH 2.

Have fun and please let me know what you think :)
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Here's the video and a some screenshots below:

*Candy Jewel Clash 2 : Bubble Puzzle Blast - the sweets candy shooting game on Android
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- Shoot gorgeous candy with your canon.*
- Delicious art work, great music, and super fun game play.*
- Unlock all the power ups - lighting bolt, fireball, magic ball.*
- Travel through the land and get to the top of the candy island.*

- "love the style of this game. nice and easy to play, but also a challenge to get through the levels" - Amy Marsland - Nov 2, 2013*

- "Lol, that lil girl character is cute. reminds me of me, eating too much candy. great game, check it out - Princess gamer - Nov 3, 2013*

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Move your candy bubble gun by swiping on the screen and let go to fire. Match 3 or more of the same candys to release them and get points. To complete a level you must release all the jewels from above. Use your power ups to get further and give yourself an advantage. Each level costs 3 energy points. When you complete a level you get more energy points. Energy also increase automatically every 20 minutes so come back and play later if you don't have enough, or you can buy packs of energy with cash.