Can you change the Default Music player?


Nov 22, 2009
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I finally got sick of the default Music player and have found one that i really like (Lithium Music Player). The headphones that I have are the white iPod ones... i know i know :icon_ devil: however, they have a button that automatically starts the music. When i hit the button it starts the default music player and not the Lithium Music Player, is there a way to change this?

I looked under manage apps but didn't see anything i can change

Any help is appreciated!
Check the app section or hacking sections. I'm sure I've read threads that allow you to swap players.
i've looked everywhere seems the only way i can find is by removing the default music app which requires me to be rooted. I was rooted once but it's to much of a pain every time we get a update.

If anyone knows a different way PM me or post here i guess :unsure:
I'm not sure about this but you can try going into your file viewer and finding a song then click on it and it will show the pick a default popup. Click make default and then your music player of choice.

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You can change the default but I found it to be very difficult. I had the same problem you are having and after trying several things too no avail I went to the non default player (mixzing) and selected a playlist. The window that asked what player I wanted to use popped up. I checked the use as default box and chose my player, mixzing is now the default. There might be an easy answer to the problem but I don't know it.
I tried going thru the astro and selecting a song however it just opened in the reg music player every time no matter what i did.

Also i know "Music Mod" had the same thing as far as asking to make it the default player so i re-downloaded it hoping maybe the lithium player would be listed there, but no such luck... figures i really liked the new one :angry:

Thanks for the ideas guys!