Can anyone help a noob??


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May 22, 2011
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Hi, I just got my D2G. It's my first android phone, so Im kinda noob about all this.

The device is unlocked but right now Im having problems trying to get 3g to connect. When I go to settings to pick my preferred network mode I pick: Only GSM, but when I go to GSM/UMTS options/settings the Only 2G box is checked, if I remove the check mark on the box the network mode changes to GSM/WCDMA...

Whenever I change to the last option: Favorite GSM/WCDMA it connects to 3G for some seconds and then goes back to Edge.

So, do I lose my unlock sbf ing the phone again? I dont know what to do.
mostly for a GSM carrier the 3G network runs on WCDMA, so u have to check GSM and WCDMA both to use both the 2G and 3G.
and don't worry about unlock. the code works permanently and your phone will still be a unlocked one even after sbf
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Thanks EOK. I still can't connect to 3G. A friend told me that there was a GSM/UTMS option, but I don't have it. What does the H with two arrows means?

I'll try with the TBH sbf... hoepfully doing all that again will solve my problem.
that H stands for HSPA, so if u see the H sign appears constantly then the phone acturally is connecting to the 3G network.

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