Camera Zoom FX app issues on Razr


Nov 9, 2009
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I understand some of you are using the Camera Zoom FX app on the Razr instead of the default camera app. I did buy it and I like it a lot. It seems to focus better in low light. However, I use it to take pictures of my newborn, and I cannot disable the actual shutter sound even if I disable it in settings for both Zoom FX and the default app. And you don't want to wake up a newborn with a loud click by their head.:icon_eek:
Also, the link to the gallery in the Zoom FX app seems to be broken.
If you are using this app, can you please check if you are having the same issues, I already emailed the developer, but would like to check what others see with this app.
Freaking love the Razr, by the way. What a solid piece of hardware...