Camera permissions invading privacy?


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Feb 17, 2011
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I now have 5 apps on "update hold", letting one go through, the Translate app (just too cool). My issue/question arises because of the way the permission is worded. Having to do with "new permissions" in the current update, the camera permission, to paraphrase the dropdown for the permission explanation, "lets app collect data from whatever the camera is seeing at ANY time."

I read a reply on a different forum heading, here in DF, about permission wording and the sub-permissions that "ride" along with each permission title-- I get this. I just couldn't get around the wording, "any time". I want to believe that improper syntax was used in describing the permission, so please tell me: the camera must be engaged by the specific app (app must be intentionally opened [and not just running in the background]) for the app to collect "whatever the camera is seeing".

Ease my mind about how near big brother is to my shoulder.